Jessica Robert

Jessica Robert is the owner of and is a psychologist by profession. She loves to write on the topics of parenting, relations and similar stuff.

What Motivates Your Child

This is a fact that we can’t always do the things at our best, but at least we can try so. This all depends upon the way you predict things in your mind. With a positive thinking approach and a positive mind, you can do anything even if it seems impossible. With a negative thinking approach, even the possible tasks may seem daunting to you. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to pat your child and to always be at their back.

How to Help a Shy Child Participate in School

Shyness is considered to be a temperamental trait consisting of the tendency to withdraw, not to express emotions and thoughts with ease, and to draw attention as little as possible. This is a feature linked primarily to the level of self-esteem and security, correlating negatively with both and especially with the latter. The shy child will tend not to express himself in the presence of strangers or people he does not trust, look for safer environments, and avoid exposure or get the attention of large crowds.