Best Tips to Discipline a Toddler Who Hits:

Parents always worry about their children’s behavioral changes and often search for new ideas to tackle these disorders. In this context, we here publishing an exclusive article about how to discipline a toddler who hits. Toddler refers to the word “to toddle”, toddler means a child who is 1 to 3 years old. This stage is very important and critical for emotional, social and cognitive development. Toddlers need special attention, as their perception and social engagement evolves during this time. If you develop children’s character in this stage of life, it remains with them forever.

With the help of these experienced discipline techniques for toddlers, you can overcome your child’s worst behavior problems. Last time we have revealed the best parenting tips to discipline a strong-willed child. This time we will try to emphasize on the positive discipline methods for toddlers who hits.

Does your toddler hit you or smack other children or his/her caregiver? You have probably tried talking to your toddler that it is not ethical to hurt others but your toddler turns a deaf ear toward your advice.

You think that you might have been treating your toddler very leniently and now you should try the harsh way. But you need to know that your toddler doesn’t want to hurt anyone and giving him/her punishment will not make anything better but he will become stubborn and probably hit others in the future.

Reasons that your Toddler Hits

Its always better to understand the main causes of a problem before finding its solution. Following are the best possible reason for toddlers discipline disorders.

Emotional Forces:

When your toddler hits, emotional forces are driving him to do that. Your toddler might not look angry and might be laughing when he/she hits someone but the aggression of your toddler is being driven by emotions like fear.

Another emotion that drives them to hit others is when they are upset at something. They try to show their aggression by hitting others and also by covering their anxiety.. So it is not a good time to shout at them and make them more upset and scared. We have shared our detailed guide that will help you understand to help a child with anxiety.

“Kids need love especially when they don’t deserve it.”

Experimental Reasons:

Kids don’t know how things work. They try everything and learn for themselves and learn. If your toddler is hitting someone for like 3rd or 4th time then there is nothing to worry about as he/she doesn’t know what he/she is really doing.

You can try talking to your toddler and when he/she hits someone just hold your toddler’s hand and stop them from doing that while telling them why it is not good to hurt others. You can use firm words but don’t scare them off.

5 Effective Ways about How to Discipline a Toddler Who Hits

1- Treat with kindness

As we have already said, your toddler probably hits when he/she is scared or upset. Treating your toddler furiously will only increase his/her fear and it will make the situation much worse.

When your toddler hits someone tries to teach your toddler with kindness, try to understand why they are upset and make that emotion go away. It is ironic to treat your toddler’s aggression aggressively to harness kindness in them. Children learn more about what they see, then what they are taught. You might be thinking that treating your toddler with kindness will not work but always remember

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.”

2- Focus on your Behavior as well

When our toddler hits someone the only thing comes to our mind that we should stop him/her as it is not a good thing. We don’t think about the emotions of the toddler which are driving him/her to do that. We just focus on rectifying our toddler’s behavior and forget about our own behavior with them. Parenting is more about parents than a child. So think about your activities when teaching your child a lesson. Don’t act in the heat of the moment, don’t make a hurtful comment or hit them for what they have done.

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”

How to discipline a Toddler who Hits

3- Don’t Repress their Feelings

We think that the vast majority of us guardians show many signs each day that we don’t care for our kids to demonstrate to us how they feel. So their apprehensions go underground, where these amazing sentiments cause inconvenience. They don’t end up crying or a full-out shouting reaction, but they instead end up in hitting and gnawing and pushing other kids.

Concealed sentiments cause inconvenience. Waking in the night, fits of rage, declining to attempt new things, thumb-sucking, and by and large critical conduct all can be signs that your kid has swallowed his sentiments and that his/her hidden feelings are difficult for him to handle. It is the responsibility of good parents to understand the feelings of their kids and help them relinquishing their bad feelings rather than concealing them.

“What you can’t say owns you.
What you hide controls you.”

4-Listen them, give them Support

When your kid is vexed, it encourages him/her incredibly when you can be affectionate and serene. When you listen to what your kid has to say and support him/her, it gives your kid confidence to show you his/her true feelings. Your kid doesn’t need to fear your imprudent conduct or your dissatisfaction.

Your tyke can focus on letting out all the tensions and feeling that makes him/her upset. Perhaps your kid will cry, shout, toss himself/herself on the ground or will hug you. In all honesty, the fiercer is his/her response, the better is the result. Your toddler is ousting terrible emotions, specifically utilizing your quiet nearness as his/her sign that he/she is allowed to relinquish the sentiments that have contaminated his/her conduct.

“All kids need is a little help, a little support and somebody who believes in them.”

5- Don’t Harness them just Yet

How regularly have we seen our little children hit and promptly start giving them the lesson that it is a bad thing to hurt other people. They’re thrashing their arms, pulling our hair, and probably too annoyed to listen to what we are teaching.

We clarify every one of the reasons we don’t hit when they are not even listening. A good time to teach your kids is when they are calm and not upset about anything. Otherwise, you will be wasting your energy and chance to teach your kid. He/she will become stubborn if he/she doesn’t seem to be able to take their emotions out.

“When life is stressful our kids watch us for cues. When we keep calm and amid chaos. We teach our kids they can, too.”

Conclusion About the Ways to Discipline a Toddler Who Hits:

So, we have shared the best Positive ways to discipline a toddler who hits. Although teaching your kids good conduct is important but teaching that at the right time is more important. If you are teaching your kid good manners but nothing seems to be working. Then probably you need to look over your methods of teaching. For this you can also see our guide ways to teach disciple to 2-5 years old. By following these Effective toddler discipline methods you will find a gradually changing behavior in your toddler.

Teach them the lesson with affection when they are calm and ready to listen. As mister roger says:

“There are three ways to ultimate success:
The first way is to be kind
The second way is to be kind
The third way is to be kind.”

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