Simple Things You Should Never Say to Your Children a guide to learn Parenting

Parenting involves the process in which children are grown in such a way that independence is developed in children supporting them in all mediums which may be physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Children are a quick learner and they pick things as it happens so to give the best environment where they can easily build their positive character there are certain values you should consider. This blog post reveals 12 most common Things You Should Never Say to Your Children Read through to learn the best parenting tips.

In parenting, not only fathers and mother is the person which are involved but also all the relationships which affect children growth process are involved in parenting which maybe grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, and all other siblings as well which take part in their growth. There can be many factors that affect children’s growth. One of them is parenting style.

Parenting Style

Parenting Style varies depending on the communities you live in and it is also affected by lifestyle as well. People living in upper-class communities have a different lifestyle than lower-class and middle-class communities. As parenting style also varies from parent to parent. There are four different types of parenting styles:

Authoritarian Parenting

In this parenting style, parents usually follow a harsh discipline style in which children are usually not allowed to speak in front of their parents. In this type of parenting, the ones that speak are parents only and children only listen and punishment is very common too. In this parenting type, children live under parents’ pressure which leads to their growth in a very wrong way. This type of parenting needs to be avoided.

Permissive Parenting

In this parenting style, parents provide very little guidance to their children and let them do whatever they want which may be either talking to them or someone else. Punishment is not given in this type of parenting and parents set almost no rules for children. This type of parenting lets children do things according to their own thoughts but as communication is involved so parents can guide them too.

Uninvolved Parenting

Uninvolved Parenting involves parenting in which parent does not do any communication to their children and let them do whatever they want but this parenting can lead to better results or devastating results as well because in this type no communication is involved so children do things based on their own thoughts and their thoughts can be positive and negative and they can move on accordingly whatever they think.

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting involves parenting in which some goals and rules are set by parents for their betterment and a lot of communication is involved as well. This is considered the best type of communication which should be followed by the parents for their children’s growth in the way to make them independent and a successful person in every sense.

Check out Top 12 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children

With the modernization in our society, we see around us, parents talk with their kids and say worst things that parents should never say to their child which reflects their parenting skills. Children are innocent and they take parents as their role model and they copy each and everything they see in their parents, such as their habits, their way of talking/conversation and many more. These are small things but children always pay attention to these elements.

Here in this blog post, we tried to give you some very common but powerful parenting tips about the Things Parents Should Never Do or Say to their Children. these bad things damage children’s self-esteem and discourage children to learn new things in their life.

1. Do It Like This

While children are during their process of learning and growth. They try to learn and adapt to new things. They try to learn things from others by observing those things. Sometimes they copy things as it is and sometimes, they learn things from observation but try to do it their own way. If children are playing some sort of game-like solving a puzzle somehow although they are doing wrong. It is better to give them time so that they can make those things right on their own.

If you jump into it and make them do that your way so they will become dependent on you and this thing demotivates them and reduces their confidence level and if you continue doing like this so they will always look for someone to help them.

2. I Have Been Through This and I am Okay

There are always some people who have faced a lot of problems in their childhood and the same thing they say when they see their children facing some difficulty. This thing does not encourage them and each child is not the same. Although, parents had to face those problems does not mean their children have to face it the same way.

3. Look at Your Siblings

Every child born is different from the others. Comparing your child with his siblings in different ways like studying and sports is not fair. There may be somethings in which one child is not better than others but on the contrary, side look at the positive side because there are somethings in which that child can be best.

Try to observe his behavior, his activities in which he can perform better than others and guide him in that way. Comparing your children to their siblings diminishes their confidence and make them feel that they are good at nothing.

Things You Should Never Say to You Children

4. Leave Me Alone

There may be some situations when you are disturbed or your child is irritating and annoying you but avoid saying your children to leave you alone because if you continue saying this to your children even when he needed you. This sentence will mark an impact into their mind and they will try to be away from you and will never come to you for help and maybe in this situation, they take decisions on their own even when they needed you the most.

5. I Do Everything for You

Saying something like this is not only a bad thing but it damages the child inside as well and there comes many circumstances where they might need you but they will not come to you thinking that you already do everything for them and they put everything inside which can be a damaging thing for them.

6. The Man of the House

While children are in the stage of their growth process, there can be many factors that can put stress and pressure on his mind. One of them is calling him “The Man of the House” because this is a great responsivity and when they continue thinking about this thing even at their young age so this continues putting pressure on them.

7. I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointing

Such circumstances often occur in life when parents feel that children are not fulfilling their expectations so saying something like this is just to make them feel that whatever you are feeling is because of them and they are responsible for it. It hurts them a lot.

8. Don’t Cry

If children cry so there can be mostly two reasons. One of them is that they are wounded and have pain in his body which is a natural thing for everyone. Another reason is that they are hurt inside so instead of saying them don’t cry try to learn about the reason behind and help them.

“God gave us crying so other folks could see when we needed help, and help us.”
― Joshilyn Jackson, Gods in Alabama

9. This is Better but Why Can’t This Happen all the Time

If your children does not do usually good but do better this time so it is really a bad habit saying “This is better but why can’t this happen all the time” because they did better this time but you are even discouraging them this time as well instead of encouraging them so this can be a cruel thing and can hurt them deep inside and can lead to even more failure.

10. I Wish You’d Never Been Born

The worst words that parents should never ever use to their children. It does not matter in what condition and how angry you are, never even think about using these words because these words cannot only break your children in pieces inside but can also lead to overwhelming results. So, whenever you are frustrated and circumstances, it is better to move from that place and keep yourself in a calm place and try to cool down.

11. You Live Under My Roof You Follow My Rules

It is always a bad habit to say anything to your children that can make them think they are dependent on you. So, saying these words “You Live Under My Roof You Follow My Rules” can either make them think of leaving your house or can totally hurt them mentally and can create a fear in them which can move them away inside while remaining in the same house.

12. You are My Perfect Little Angel

Saying your children perfect in every sense can make them feel perfect in every sense and so they will always take fewer risks and will never try on many things thinking that they can do it even without trying because they are flawless while, on the other hand, they will fear trying new things as well in which they think they cannot perform better because this can make their parents think about them, they are not perfect.

Conclusion about the things you should never say to your child

So, we have mentioned in detail about the things that you should never say to your child. It is always a better practice to think a lot every time while saying anything to your children because in their growth process everything you say becomes the part of their life during your whole life and can affect their personality as well. So, always try to choose words more carefully because these words do not feel that way for you like your children feel when they hear them.

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