How much time a father should spend with his child?

According to the experts at, a father should spend at least 2 hours with his children on a daily basis. Please note that this should be a quality time. Here, quality time means that you should stay away from the things that can cause hindrance between your time and your children that might include cell phones or any other thing.

If you have some time and you want to know how much time a father should spend with his child then I would like you to read facts such as: benefits when father should spend time with his child, things to keep in mind while spending time with kids and how much time should be spent with the children.

Parenting is the process of raising up children and providing them with education in a better way and spending time, listening to them and make them independent to be successful in the world are some key things parents should perform for good parenting. It involves raising up your child in all ways either it is physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

In today’s busy life, often parents remain too busy that they don’t have any time for their children especially father and growing their children in a better way is the most challenging task everyone has to face in his life and spending time with them is also one of them and that time cannot be specific like spending two hours or more or less.

Being a father, you should also know the qualities of a good parent.


There are few things we would like to draw your attention to when spending a good and quality time with your kids. Fathers mostly have time to spend with kids when they come home from offices or jobs. They must not negatively point out them on everything they children wait for their fathers to come home and have soft and strong emotions for them. Hurting those emotions and constant criticizing can crack that soft corner and damage their bond and affiliation. This can make a child less interested to see his father and wait for him to come home.

Also the way of talking of fathers matters a lot to a kid. Every child thinks his father a super hero and a man without any fears and faults. They always try to imitate their fathers as well. So a father must not speak harshly to his kid and in case he wants to teach him something then always have a polite tone. Usually fathers come home with a furious mood which reflects in their behavior with the kids. It throws the worst impact on a child’s mind as children have no concern with whatever happened with their father on job. Speaking wisely and lovingly can build a strong bond between a father and a child.


Fathers should not ignore the preferences their children show. As these can be a matter of importance for their children. They want their fathers to respect their opinion and give it an equal importance. A father needs an efficient approach to listen to his child and respond to him in a loving way to ensure that the time he is spending with his kid is truly a quality time.

As the father remains busy in case of work so when he is at home, it is better for him for spending time with children instead of spending it on watching TV, using a mobile phone or doing something else. Spending time with children also perform an important role in children’s better growth and development. You must be wondering why is it necessary that father should give time to their children, well here are some upshots:

Benefits when Father Spent Time with His Child

Benifits when Father Spent Time with His Child

1. To Better Understand their abilities

A good father is the one who knows and understands the abilities of his children and helps them to pursue with these abilities in future. If you never spend a quality time with your children, you will never know their abilities and interests. So it is your responsibility to take out some time for your children.

2. To Help them Develop Self-Esteem

If the father spends time with his children and communicates with them and listens to their problems. It not only let him understand their children but it is also a plus point in their development in such a way that they think they are valuable to you and they give you more respect and can come to you whenever they are in some sort of problem that also enhances their self-esteem.

3. To have More Influence on Your Children

You need to have more influence on your children. The reason is that your child faces a lot of situations and have lots of peers in his life. These situations and peers might have a good influence as well as a bad influence on their personality. If you have more influence on them so they try to be like you. Many children follow their parents and consider them as their role model for their lives. So, bad influences will not affect their lives because they will think about you and try to handle the situation if you were there how would you have handled that situation? The more time you spend with your children the more influence you will have on your children and he will tend to listen and comply with you generally.

4. To Let them Know that they are not Alone

If you don’t spend time with your kids, there will come a time when they will probably think they don’t have anyone to talk to, at least not their parents or shall I say father. They will probably drift away from you and stop sharing things with you which you don’t want. And hiding things can be very dangerous especially when your kids are not mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

How much time a father should spend with his children?

Having said all that, the question that how much time a father should spend with his kids still remains intact.

To answer that question you must question yourself who are you? What do you do? What are you willing to do for your children? Most parents come with the problem that they don’t have time to spend with their children but it is all an excuse. You can always manage time for your children, it is all matter of priorities as I have already said that you should ask yourself what are you willing to do for your children?

According to the latest research, the average time that busy parents spend with their children is seven minutes but any sane person is intelligent to know that this time is not enough to shape your child. You must at least give your children an hour a day, to listen to what they have to say, what their interests are, what they are doing with their life, and what they plan to do in the future. And on the weekend try to spend the whole day with your children, take them to market, parks, movies, and playland at least twice or thrice a month. So that not only your child but you can also break your tough routine and help them do as well.

Tips for Parenting:

Almost all parents, at some point in their life, wonder what it takes to be a good parent. Here are some tips for you to become a good parent:

See Fathering as Joy Not as Another Task

If a father considers fathering as another task like he does a job and other things as their task. It will feel like a burden for you and you will never have a good impact on you children personality because this is the greatest responsibility a parent faces during his life and if you consider this as a task you will be frustrated in many situations like if you are tired from your job, you will shout at your children and somehow like this.

If father considers this as his greatest responsibility and do this job wholeheartedly, he will never be frustrated at his children whatever the situation and this will also have a good impact on children as well because children often don’t do the things, they are said but they do things they see and observe.

Time distribution among children

Try to spend the same time with all your children. There are always seen situations in which father says he loves more to his son and vice versa. These situations occur because they like spending more time with that specific child instead of others and the reason for this is because each child has different characteristics. Parents like spending time with the child that is somehow like them and have the same taste etc. but this is not good for other children. This affects other children mentally and emotionally a lot and thinks that they are not valuable to you.

So, try to be the same as all of your children. No matter they are different but they are your children. Just try to be on the same page for all of them.

Spend Quality Time with Your Children Not Quantity Time

It a father remain too much busy that he has less or no time to spend with his children so the time when he is at home with his children, it is better to make that time quality time for his children which can be utilizing that time learning their abilities and remain aware of their talent and sensibilities and another important thing is to try to be on the same level as is child. If a child is 8-year-old then he should try to be on the same page and spent time with them as a friend which will help him learn their deficiencies and strengths and he can guide them in the better way for their future too.

Time a Father Should Spent with His Child

Don’t Think Parenting is Your Wife’s Responsibility

Both of the parents perform their own role in parenting because they have their own responsibilities. Just think like giving money for their bringing is enough and parenting is just a mother’s responsibility is the biggest misunderstanding because you saw your parents doing the same thing. Children needed each one of the parents because there are some things they learn from father and somethings from mother and it is necessary for their better growth to both of them to be a part of their lives.

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