What is Good Parenting?

It is often people ask what is good parenting and what makes a good parent. So to give that brief answer we have organized this comprehensive guide about good parenting.

A parent has the responsibility of another life; their child’s. Being a parent is thus a big responsibility. To do this right is absolutely necessary to raise the child in the best possible way. Good parenting is parenting that takes into consideration all the emotional and physical needs of the child. Parents raised in a healthy environment grow to be independent and socially competent.

The most important aspect of a healthy parenting style is considering the child’s age and changing parenting style accordingly. It focuses on the child’s gender and personality and adapts accordingly. Children raised in this way turn out to be healthy, confident and self-sufficient individuals.

Following you will find some spectacular parenting tips to help parents to be a good parent.

Top 6 Tips about What Makes a Good Parent

1. Keep up with your child’s life

A child needs attention and care. All children crave their parent’s love and want to spend time with them. If this need is not met, children become insecure. The best parenting style is where parents are fully involved with their children. To form a close bond with your child, you need to be aware of all important events taking place in his/her life. Good parenting, therefore, involves keeping up-to-date about school life and education. Sacrifice a little time of yours for your children.

Principles of good parenting

Many parents have a busy work-life and find it hard to do so, but neglected children do not grow up confident and healthy. Your children should be your priority. Parents need to give time particularly in early childhood or else children gradually grow distant.

2. Love them and express your love

All human beings crave love. Children, most of all, need their parent’s love and care. In childhood, children need to develop a bond based on mutual understanding. Love is vital to strengthen the bond between a parent and the child. This is essential in developing trust and mutual understanding. Give your children love, hug them, spend time with them and pay attention to their issues. Research has proven that feeling loved releases feel-good hormones (oxytocin, opioids, and prolactin). These hormones trigger feelings of calm, contentment and emotional warmth. Expression of love will help develop a close bond.

3. Be consistent

Consistency is the key to good parenting. The best way to inculcate good behavior in children is to discipline with consistency. Good parenting involves use of wisdom in dealing with children instead of the use of power. Children are likely to be disobedient to inconsistent rules. Consistency in rules governing a child’s life, on the other hand, is known to encourage obedience. Consistency helps children understand and get used to a specific lifestyle wile inconsistency creates confusion.

4. Refrain from disciplining using violence

Violence is known to ruin childhood and negatively impact their growth. Children raised in a violent environment come to accept violence as a norm and see it as acceptable. They were more likely to end up being violent towards others too. Bullying often characterizes children who were raised in such an environment in childhood. Good parenting relies on the use of positive reinforcement and explanation instead of resorting to violence as a means of disciplining children. Efficient methods include time-out, withholding favors like movies and treats or punishing them by not taking them on vacations.

Violence does not teach them the difference between right and wrong. It merely inculcates fear which can result in lying to avoid punishment. Instead, focus on creating good and positive experiences for your child. Try looking at the reason behind behavior and trying to resolve that rather than using punishment. The key to good parenting is positivity!

5. Model the behaviors you want your child to adopt

Bandura, a psychologist demonstrated the role imitation played in learning to function well in the social environment. Children are more likely to imitate good behavior than to exhibit good behavior after being told to behave that way. Be the person you want your child to be. Good parenting involves teaching rules by modeling positive behavior. It is a human tendency to copy others’ behavior and learn through imitation. Children are particularly prone to learning from those around them. So, instead of telling them what to do, be the person you want them to be.

6. Communicate with your child

The importance of communication cannot be ignored. Children also need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to them. You can strengthen your relationship with your child by only be maintaining open communication with your child. If they know you are there for them, they will turn to you when they are troubled. You need to be there to provide advice and support in times of need. Creating this bond of ease and mutual interdependence is the foundation of good parenting. On the other hand, communication is also vital in developing and nurturing certain parts of their brain.

Tips to Good Parenting

It is also necessary to integrate different parts of the brain to encourage successful development. A fully integrated brain and harmonious growth of the brain will result in a healthy personality in the future. In order to enable this growth, you need to talk to your child. Discuss their problems, listen to them seriously and give them honest advice. In this way, you can help them make sense of and understand their experiences.

Conclusion about What is Good Parenting

To sum up, No parent is perfect but all can strive to be perfect. In this guide, we try to educate people about what is good parenting. If you have noticed a few flaws in your parenting style, it is not too late to change. If you want your child to grow into a rational and confident adult, good parenting is necessary. Parenting is a big responsibility and it is not an easy task. However, if you know what is best, you can try to change your parenting style. To raise your children in the best way possible, you need to consider all aspects of the child’s life. Parenting is a skill and to do this is successful, you need to carefully monitor your methods. As a good parent, you need to work on creating a positive atmosphere to raise your child.

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