What Motivates Your Child? – Top Secret Parenting Tips

This is a fact that we can’t always do the things at our best, but at least we can try so. This all depends upon the way you predict things in your mind. With a positive thinking approach and a positive mind, you can do anything even if it seems impossible. With a negative thinking approach, even the possible tasks may seem daunting to you. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to pat your child and to always be at their back. To understand this Phenomena you should develop the ability to analyze what motivates your child the most.

You need to let your children know that you are with them, and whatever they will do, you will be at their side. You need to appreciate them in the accomplishment of tasks and assignments. This will boost their confidence and they will start doing big things on their own. You must have a busy routine and you can’t be with your child every time but at least you can give them the confidence that they can speak to you whenever they need your assistance. This is one of the best quality of a good parent that every parent should follow. This single step can help you to develop a strong character in your children.

Make sure to praise them in their right tasks. Sometimes you need to do something more than just saying good words to your kids. You can gift them, which will motivate them more. An incentive motivates your child to do their level best in the accomplishment of tasks. Your appreciation matters a lot.

Top 5 Best Secrets to Motivate Your Child

Most of the parents believe in the carrot and stick technique for motivating their children. Using this technique, parents motivate the good behaviors of their children by giving them gifts and punish them on their bad doings. You can identify the motivational behaviors of your children easily. First, you need to see identify the motivation your children are getting from you. If you are motivating your children with the stick and carrot strategy, their motivation is extrinsic. Sometimes using extrinsic motivation techniques doesn’t prove to be as good as the intrinsic motivation techniques because you have to keep using such techniques for the long term. At this point, you have to think about various things that motivate my child and re-shape your old strategies.

In some of the cases, following a common technique for such a long period can simply be unsustainable. The problem with this stick and carrot approach is that it reduces the intrinsic motivation in children. Most of the researches also prove this fact that rewards and controlling subjects can decrease the intrinsic motivation in a person. In some cases, extrinsic motivation approaches can even demotivate your children.

Below mentioned are the simple guidelines/secrets to follow for motivating your children:

i- Make Goals and Celebrate Them

When you want to motivate your children, you need to make a list of goals that you want to target. Make a single goal for the long term or make small goals. You need to keep this in mind that always makes achievable, realistic goals that are easy to obtain. Goals once settled need a bit of effort to achieve. If you have accomplished the motivational goals for your kids, you need to celebrate what they have accomplished.

You need to let your children know that you are proud of them. Such rewards and praises let your children continue their struggle and hard work. You must also read how to help a shy child participate in school.

ii- Make Small Competitions and Encourage Your Children

You need to let your child take part in the competition. Let them know the difference between healthy and non-healthy competition. Cheer your children when they beat someone and succeed but also let them know that sometimes losing is also fine. Let your children think positively about competitions and competitors. Believe in your child for whatever they do. Let them make their decisions on their own so that there are fewer fears and doubts in their minds.

iii. Take an Interest in Your Child’s Passion

You need to know what your child likes or dislikes. Explore your children’s interests and talk to them about the things they love. Manage time to listen to your children and give them a space to share everything with you. Know about your child’s passion and support them in achieving their passions as the goals. You need to support them until they have reached their passions and always motivate them to do what’s right. Listening more will show your kids that you care for them, and you will always be there for them. Here fathers should take steps for their support and spend a quality time with the children. Our guide how much time should a father spend with this child will be beneficial for you in the regard.

iv- Keep a Positive Peer Pressure

You need to keep a positive mindset for your children’s behaviors and attitudes. Don’t scold them or beat them if they’ve done something wrong. Anger in your eyes can let them loose their confidence, and they can never overcome this fear in their lives. A positive mindset and positive thinking brighten the outlooks of your children in particular situations.

Moreover, positive peer pressure is necessary for your children to perform well in school activities. Make one thing clear in your mind that too much peer pressure can start creating stress for your children. To maintain a little but positive peer pressure to push your children in better and productive activities.

What Motivates Your Child

v- Be Excited and Excite Them Too

You need to become a motivational figure for your children that will help them in achieving certain goals they have made in their life. Sometimes all your kids need is a motivational factor in obtaining what they have striving for. Be that motivation force, show your children that you are excited about their goals and excite them too by letting them know that their goals matter for you as well.

Never try extrinsic motivation factors too much that it started getting hard for you. Sometimes all you want is to celebrate the success of your children, but they start developing this habit of getting rewards every time they do something good. You can give your kids gifts and awards but don’t make it a contingency. You need to make real efforts to keep your kids motivated to accomplish big goals in their life.

Make sure to spare some time and spend it with your children, as this is one of the best ways to let them know that they aren’t alone. And as this includes in the traits of a good parent.

What Motivates Your Child? – A Final Conclusion

To conclude, our main goal is to make a perfect family. By following these simple but powerful parenting tips you will examine a few dramatic changes in your children’s behavior towards their ability to achieve their goals or tasks. Motivation or appreciation will help children to do more quality work to present themselves as better person in front of their parents. I hope this article helps you to clear your concepts about what motivates your child the most.

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